B2B Music Streaming Services to Engage Audiences and Boost Revenue

Boost your retention and sales by integrating a music streaming service into your digital application. 

Turning Engagement into Sales

Whether you're aiming to draw customers to your physical store or entice them to shop online, our expertise lies in leveraging the increased customer engagement generated by music streaming to boost your sales.
Reduce Churn
By introducing your own branded music streaming service, linked directly to your customer subscriptions, you establish an effective mechanism for minimising customer turnover.

Our Solutions:

Health & Fitness Brands

Featuring audio workouts, training-focused playlists, and mindfulness tracks, into your membership subscription can significantly reduce churn.
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Retail & Loyalty Brands

Leverage the daily interaction of end-users with our content to generate additional revenue.
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Smart Home Brands

Incorporating our music streaming API into your smart home technologies positions you significantly ahead of competitors.
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Audio Hardware Brands

Pairing your hardware with a music service adds value for your customers and stimulates extra sales.
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Offer your customers personalised playlists

Provide your customers with expertly curated playlists, spanning millions of songs from top global labels, organized by mood, genre, era, and activity. 

Our editorial team continually updates these playlists with new music to ensure you have the freshest music on the market.

Launch your own music streaming service today!

Create your own custom solution using our M-Engine via M-Connect, an API designed for developers.

Or explore M-Music, our ready-to-use white-label mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

Scalable platform with developer-friendly API

To make this process as easy as possible, we have developed M-Solution, a scalable backend with a developer-friendly API that will help you launch your service in a very short time. 

With code examples for both Xcode and Android Studio, the road from concept to launch is shorter than ever before.

M-Music, our white-label mobile app

With unique ease of use, packed with playlists for all occasions, built on a scalable backend, and fully customisable, the M-Music application is ready for fast deployment. 

In addition, our M-Music application includes smart engagement features such as push notifications and customisable banner areas. 

All the features you need to maximise your ROI.