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Engage your customers with music

We want everyone to experience the power of engagement through music streaming, but it can be a complicated process. From sourcing the best music from the major labels, creating a world class library of playlists, managing royalty payments and reporting, to finally building the actual solution. 

But  that’s now changed.  

Our M-solutions manage all aspects of a music streaming service seamlessly handling music rights, playlist content creation, royalty payments and reporting, scalable streaming and much more. 

Our M-solutions, the scalable platform with a 360° take on music streaming. 

This is ideal for businesses which already have their own digital solutions and want to drive further engagement through the power of music. Using the M-connect API, users can easily integrate music content into your existing solution. 

Fast track your music streaming project with our white labeled mobile application.

With a unique ease of use, packed with playlists for all occasions, built on a truly scalable backend, and fully customizable, the M-music application is ready for fast deployment. 

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