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Music Streaming simplified

Designing, building and launching a music streaming service can be a complicated process. Before you can write a single line of code, you need to negotiate contracts with leading music labels to get access to the music, curate the content and build playlists, negotiating deals with publishers and set up a reporting system for all involved stakeholders. 

But that’s now changed. 

Our M-solution platform is a complete new take on music streaming. We’ve even included a scalable CDN (AWS Cloudfront), and fully automated reporting system.

Our single-point API allows you to focus your application, and regardless whether you’re integrating our playlists into your existing mobile app, or if you’re building a new digital solution, we’ve streamlined the process drastically. 

The M-solution platform

Media Ingest & Storage

The main components of the M-engine are the Master storage and our automated ingest engine, where we import thousands of new songs daily. 

In addition, we’re also overseeing all aspects of user management. 

Playlist Builder

Our content curators use our M-build tool to, from a catalogue of millions of sons from the world’s best music labels, create your unique set of playlists.

Automated Reporting

There are a lot of stakeholders involved in a music streaming project such as publishing rights organisations, publishers and content owners.

Each one require a different set of reports, normally a truly cumbersome task. This is now solved with our M-report tool that automatically sends reports in bespoke formats to all involved parties.

Single Point API

Through our REST API, M-connect, you get a single connection to the M-solution platform.

With code examples for both iOS (xcode) and Android Studio, we’re sure you’ll be able to launch your own music easier and faster than ever before. 

If you don’t want to build you own application, learn more about M-music, our white label mobile application for iOS and Android.

With unique ease of use, packed with playlists for all occasions, built on the  truly scalable M-solution backend, and fully customizable, the M-music application is ready for fast deployment. 

In addition, our M-music application features smart engagement features such as push notifications, and fully customizable banner areas. 

All to provide the features you need to maximize your ROI. 


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