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Create customer engagement
Our end-users typically listen to our content daily.
We know how to turn that engagement into additional sales.

Retail and Loyalty Clubs

Launching your own music streaming service and providing it to your most loyal customers is a great way of create true engagement and brand loyalty.  With our built-in marketing and engagement tools such as embedded html5 banners, notifications, distribution of discount codes and more, we’re effectively creating a new point-to-point communications channel all at a monthly cost per user that’s lower than a single click on an typical online ad. 



Grow your business

Regardless of whether you want your customers to visit your physical store or shop online, our built in marketing tools will help you generate additional revenue.

Brand Loyalty

The end consumer value of getting access to a full blown music playlist service is massive. A typical user will listen to music on a daily basis and will get exposed to your brand, your campaigns and more, generating a strong brand loyalty.

Clear ROI

With a clear cost structure where we charge per user and month, it's easy to maximize the ROI.

Lets talk!

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can help you generate additional sales through the engagement that a music streaming service will provide. 

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